Specialisms and Common Issues

There are many issues regarding sex, desire and relationships that we experience as problems and might struggle to solve. Many problems in life can also affect our sex life, intimacy and relationships.

I work with a whole range of different sex and relationship presentations including:

· problems related to sexual arousal, ejaculation, desire and orgasm

· experiencing difficulties or pain in relation to penetration

·vaginismus, dyspareunia, premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, loss of sexual desire and anorgasmia

· issues specific to sexual diversity, sexual orientation and gender Identity:  LGBTQI positive

· relationships problems

· communication difficulties

· couples with different sexual desire/drive

· problems with intimacy

· shame

· ChemSex

· sexual and relationship problems related to HIV

· sexual abuse

· trauma

· Sexual compulsivity. Feeling out of control or unhappy regarding your sexual behaviour

· sexual difficulties as a consequence of health problems

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